V 1.0 Update + Roadmap

Status Achiever gets it's first update + see our roadmap!

Hey everybody, Bailey here.

It's been a wild week so far, just 4 days ago Status Achiever wasn't even an idea, I mean I knew I wanted to build a aviation SaaS tool of sorts, but I didn't know what it would look like. Now just a short 3 days later we have over 100 Beta testers and have already pushed a new minor release to the platform!

I received a ton of immensely helpful feedback from you all, and am glad to say 90% of it has been implemented in this recent 1.0 update!

V 1.0 Changelog

  • Added functionality for different types of premium CC's
  • Premium CC's now display their respective bonus earn rates
  • Added functionality for Comfort class fares
  • Fixed Basic & Standard earn multipliers for Domestic VS. International routes
  • Added error states for base cost (some of you weren't entering costs and it was breaking things)

V 1.5 Expectations

  • Info tooltips, hover over data to see exact breakdown calculations (make it make sense!)
  • Crowd sourced distance updating. Wrong mileage? Enter in the correct one and users can vote on them to make them concrete.
  • Account based usage (needed for crowd sourcing to function properly)

V 2.0 Expectations

  • Status Goal Tracking. Save your current SQM, SQS & SQD and forecast your Aeroplan Status (this will be huge, and probably pretty difficult)

As always, let me know what other features you want to see via the hotjar survey in the bottom right, and thanks for all your support!

- Bailey :)